Events 2018-19


“A Healthy Meaningful Lifestyle” by Shaikh Hashim Ahmad 

The workshop focused on understanding and implementing health through an examination of Ruhani (spiritual), Jismani (Physical) and Nafsani (psychological) health. We looked into a critical examination of “Meaningful Life” and its core components. 

“A Bayaan” by Maulana Tariq Jameel

Alhamdulillah! So, Bayaan delivered by Maulana Tariq Jameel was quite invigorating, yes? That avid crowd last night in Free Parking Area and its overwhelming response to the speaker was just unprecedented. The coherence of our enthusiastic LUMS community and a generous speaker like Maulana Tariq Jameel were what made this event a huge success.  He delivered on the topics of Nikkah, family and relationships, Namaz, knowledge, and purpose of life. He also delivered a beautiful dua towards the end.

We, your hosts, thank you for making this event worth remembering. A big thanks to all LRS members, volunteers, and organizers for their concordance, and of course, thanks to Maulana and their team for giving us time.
JazakumUllahu Khayr!

“Sexualised Society” by Abeda Ahmad 

This session focused on the addictive behaviors that are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society, coupled with the neuroscience of porn addiction that helped in understanding how addiction works. It was discussed the compassionate and non-judgmental treatment models for addiction, underpinned by the teachings of our Deen, followed by Q/A session.

“Christian Ethics” by Bishop Munawar Ramal Shah

Shah is an advocate of minority rights in Pakistan and preaches tolerance and respect for them through his speeches. This session focused on Christian Ethics, their importance and their relation with interfaith. Speaker delivered the talk on interfaith harmony, and on equal rights of minorities. He maintained the stance that all humans are born equal and have the right to be treated that way without any religious or professional discrimination. 


“Road to Ramadan”  by Arsalan Ahmed

Many of us were at a standstill in our efforts towards good deeds, and the talk on ‘Road to Ramadan” seemed to provide us the spiritual boost we so desperately needed for Ramadan, and just in time! The talk served to shed light on the significance of this month in the context of relevant verses from the Qur’an, and Ah?d?s, while also drawing parallels from daily life scenarios. Re-assessing and re-prioritizing our goals, taking it as our chance to undergo a major transformation in life, rethinking our relationship with our Creator, taking baby-steps towards Allah SWT as some voluntary acts of Sadaqah and Nawafil; all may serve to harness the blessings of this upcoming blessed month. And this is something that every one of us should try to fill our bag of deeds with. Lastly, we would like to thank the audience for their enthusiasm and support. JazakAllah Khayr for a truly memorable evening!