A Letter to the Broken-Hearted

No matter what happens, always remember that Allah loves you. He loves you despite it all. Never, ever despair from His mercy. You are not too broken for Allah to fix. You are not too dirty for Him to cleanse. You are not too small for Him to see. Your worries aren’t insignificant to Him. He’s there. He’s intimately Near. And even though your world may be falling apart, He’s there on your side.

I know that no one seems to understand what you are saying. No one can imagine what you must be going through. But that is what the dunya is like, we cannot consider anyone to be ours because only Allah is ours. Only Allah fully knows and understands our situation. He knows our struggle and this should make us turn to Him for seeking help out of our struggle.

No matter what happens, know that your burden of sins isn’t too heavy for Allah to remove. Your sins aren’t greater than His mercy. If people found out about our sins, they would surely distance themselves from us. But your Lord still chooses to stay with you despite being fully aware of your state. Why? Because we are His. Can a parent stop loving his or her child if the child is disobedient? Allah’s love for us is infinitely greater than that of parents. He loves us even though we are weak. He loves us despite it all.

Know that as long as you keep wanting Him, He will keep wanting you. He wants you even when you don’t. Such is His love.

There is always hope for you. You may give up on yourself but Allah hasn’t given up on you. To bring relief in your life is in Hands. Don’t lose hope. Things will get better. He has promised ease with every difficulty and He never breaks promises. He never breaks our expectations of Him, He always grants more and better than what we expected.

Just a little more patience is needed. Allah knows you are tired. But the reward of patience is worth getting tired for. You will see how much reward He has in store for you. You are His strong and brave soldier. Don’t let people make you lose your confidence. Your strength is by Allah. Your victory is by Him. Fight back. Look up and look ahead. Forget about what happened and try to improve things for the future. Don’t let your present be affected by your past. Leave the past to where it is now.

Always remember you are never too dirty for Allah. People might judge you based on what they see. But Allah hopes good for you. Allah isn’t angry with you. Allah hasn’t stopped loving you. Allah is there with you all the time. He sees the tears that come from your eyes for His sake. You think all that goes unnoticed?

Don’t let any person or thing ever come in your relationship with Him. No problem if people didn’t turn out to be what you thought or expected them to be. When people betray us or break our trust, that should bring us closer to Allah because we know that Allah will never break our trust. He is the One upon whom we should fully blindly trust because He is the One to whom we belong.

Your Call to Allah is never left unheard or unattended to. He hears you and He sees you. You are in His eyes. You are under His exclusive view. He sees all that you suffer for His sake. He sees it all. He sees what people have done to you. He sees how the world has been so hard on you. He sees the mess life seems to be right now. He is doing everything to make it alright. Just trust Him about your situation. He won’t let you fall. He will set matters aright. He loves your voice when you call out to Him. He even loves the silence when you feel you are too drained and tired to actually call out. He loves the secret calls that your heart makes to Him. He doesn’t need words. He understands your silence too. He sees your brokenness. His exclusive mercy and love is on you. He has promised that His special mercy comes on broken hearts. So if you feel your heart is broken, give it to Him and watch Him pick every single piece and repair it and place it back to its original place such that your heart will mend as if it had never broken. He is exclusively yours. It’s time for you to respond to His Call now…

Falling down, being broken, having given up are not always bad things. At least not with Allah. He has promised in the Qur’an that He loves the tawwabeen. Who are the tawwabeen? They are not the ones who did a sin and then repented and then remained steadfast on it and never sinned again in their lives. Tawwabeen are those people who began their journey towards Allah but soon tripped and fell, then stood up again, then slipped again, then got back up again, and then fell down again. They did taubah, they sinned, then did taubah again, then sinned again, then did taubah again. Such that they did taubah all the time, each time they sinned. Allah has announced His love for these people. So falling down is not a bad thing as long as you never give up and never lose the will to stand up again and as long as you present that falling down to Allah. Just show your brokenness and weakness to Him, He will Grant you spiritual wings. It is possible for Him. It’s absolutely possible for Him.

If there is someone in the world who can love you despite your sins and however much filth you think you have: that is only Allah. Allah’s love is unconditional. You don’t need to look good to make Him love you. That’s the way the world works. Allah even values the pain and longing for Him in your heart.

Know that Allah sends tests to those He loves immensely. If Allah didn’t give us these tests, we would be going to Him bankrupt on the day of Judgement. Tests are His way of reminding us to be and stay His. He keeps reminding us of Him through these pricks. Once our understanding of tests change, deprivation becomes the same as giving. He doesn’t send us something we cannot bear. He has promised this in the Qur’an. So if you feel this is too much for you, this is because you have the strength to bear it. He doesn’t want to crush you down. He wants you to be able to lift the mountain. He wants to strengthen you; He wants you to turn to Him to ask for strength when you feel weak.

Just surrender to Him fully acknowledging that there is no one for you other than Him. If there is anyone who can take you out of this difficulty, it’s just Him. Stick to Him. Stick to Him in full spite of your sins, dirt, filth, brokenness, hopelessness, and weakness. You will see how He raises you. You will see how He transforms your suffering into eternal bliss.


O pearl, do not beat your head at your being broken,

For through being broken you will become light.

It has to be uttered thus brokenly and in bandages:

God, who is Self-sufficient, will make it whole at last.”

  • Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

Lift up in prayer a broken hand: the loving kindness of God flies towards the broken.”

  • Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

By Arwa Khalil

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