A Name that Never Fades

Have you ever wondered why Allah SWT mentions the story Musa A.S so many times in the Qur’an? What was the need of stating the same story from different angles over and over again? Well, Allah knows the best. But the Qur’an contains many signs for those who reflect. And Allah SWT wants us to dive in the ocean of words and meanings of the Qur’an. So by pondering upon these questions time and again, I realized maybe this is so due to the enormous amount of love Allah swt has for His Prophet Musa AS and also due to some of his unprecedented attributes as a human being. Musa AS had a magnanimous personality. Allah SWT put him into a number of back-breaking trials just as gold has to pass through a strenuous process in order to get transformed into a brilliant precious metal. Every time he succeeded in a confronting trial, he was raised in rank and alongside, the difficulty level of the upcoming trials was increased too. After testing Musa A.S. to a sufficient extent, Allah SWT chose him for Prophethood which is the toughest job in the world and not everybody qualifies for it. Allah SWT says about Musa A.S. in Qur’an,

And I have chosen you for Myself.” (Qur’an, 20:41)

Allah swt instructed Musa AS to go preach His message to the pharoah who had been a transgressor. Musa A.S, being a human being, revealed his fear of facing the ruthless tyrant. But Allah SWT kept invigorating him by telling him that He SWT is always on his side.

Allah said, ‘Fear not. Indeed, it is you who are superior.’’’ (Qur’an, 20:68)

Pharaoh treated him in an absolutely derogatory manner, made fun of him A.S., entitled him as a magician which was such an insolent label for an apostle of Allah SWT but Musa A.S never abandoned hope. Eventually, Allah SWT freed the people of Musa A.S., but this was not the end of trials. Musa A.S. was tested through his people later on when they started worshipping the statue of a calf other than Allah SWT. When they were granted delicious Man-o-Salwa by Allah SWT, they raised objections on that too. When they were asked to fight back in order to conquer their land after gaining enough power, they said to Musa A.S., “We are not going anywhere. You and your Lord go and conquer that land for us.” When they were told to slaughter a cow, they started raising nonsensical questions on size and color of the cow. Those people were surely a trial (fitnáh) for Musa A.S. Allah SWT states in Qurán:

And we have appointed some of you a test for others. Will you be patient?” (Quran 25:20)

Hence dealing with ignorant people was surely an uphill task but Musa A.S. persevered. He never discontinued this job in despair. He never gave up on his people. He kept performing his duty to his last breath. And that is why he was “Musa A.S.”. That is why his name occurs the most frequently in the book which would be read till the end of this world.

By Pakeeza Riaz

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