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Our Motivation

When Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.) preached the Oneness of God to his people, they turned against him. At one point, they built a fire so huge that it reached the skies; its heat was so intense that no one could even go near it, nor could the birds fly above it. It was in this fire that they planned to throw Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S.). But that is not our focus right now. Our focus is the Little Bird some distance away who kept collecting water droplets in her little beak and kept flying towards the fire. Unable to go near it, she would drop the water a distance away from the fire and go back for more. Someone asked, “O Little Bird! What are you doing? You cannot even fly to within hundreds of meters of the fire, and even if you could reach it, what good would your tiny water droplets do?” The Little Bird replied: “O my friend, you are correct, these droplets probably won’t even affect the fire one bit. But on the Day of Reckoning, if Allah the Most Supreme asks me ‘O Little Bird, when people were lighting a fire to burn My friend Ibrahim, what were you doing?’ at least I will be able to say ‘O Allah, I wasn’t amongst those who were lighting the fire, I was amongst those who were trying to put it out.”

The LRS magazine is a similar attempt to the Little Bird’s; a call out to those who are just waiting to be called, or those who have never heard the call before and hence don’t know where to turn. This is an attempt to light a fire, not of the kind that was lit to cast Hadhrat Ibrahim (A.S) away, but the kind that burns as faith in our hearts.

Our Vision

LRS aims at creating a forum for individuals who believe that religion affects and influences life in a number of vibrant ways, illuminating exclusive and undiscovered horizons. It’s a platform for those who view religion as a source of enhancing one’s sense of being, coherence, morality, and individuality leading to perfection in every walk of life without conflicting in any way with an individual’s rational and productive lifestyle. With starting such a platform, LRS then aims to help realize ideas and innovative suggestions in creating such a model and environment for the rest and inviting others to relevant activities and events.
The society is dedicated to organizing events and activities to nurture meaningful dialogue, create awareness and learn more about religion-from regular lectures by scholarly speakers to motivational seminars and debates.
This society would work great for all those who believe in discovering and holding on to their spiritual or religious side while living ‘the LUMS life.’ With every infinitesimal amount of your concentration focused on keeping up your grades and social life, the LRS offers you an opportunity to develop your inner self; wherein peace, tranquility and true satisfaction lie.

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