Balance Between Deen and Dunya

There are countless challenges for human beings on earth, like multitasking: managing studies and extracurricular activities, managing time for business and family, enjoying life and conforming to responsibilities. As one can see where two things are to be done together balance is the necessity. without balance problems cannot be resolved, and more difficult circumstances will be created, which can become extremely difficult to handle. Muslims have a unique challenge: life is not only about the worldly actions but there is more to it. Dunya without deen is no success for them. life has a different definition for them, because for them life is to accomplish their worldly successes along with success in deen.

Deen comes in every lifestyle. We start and end our days where all the rules, principles, and enriched values that Islam has taught us can be applied. However, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain the balance between the worldly affairs and the affairs of Islam. we must remember that we have not been created just to enjoy or to work towards attaining the materialistic desires. Our life is directed to a goal where worship should be the priority as we look forward to the beautiful rewards that await us in Jannah. To talk about the need and significance for us to worship can take several pages but the topic here is about balance. Muslims have to offer prayers five times a day. it is an obligation upon us, and the time robbed by the worldly affairs has made it quite a challenge. one might be in class at university when the Muazin gives the azaan, one might be driving to university and already getting late at the time of prayers; these are just some of the challenges we face in our daily life. But the challenge can be a lot easier if we define our priorities. prayer is a source of peace for us from the stressful load this world offers us and is a source of connection with Allah SWT. When humans prioritize things in their life they find a way through it. A busy life makes prayer harder but prayer makes a busy life easier. Thus, prayer is necessary to achieve balance in this world and succeed n both deen and dunya.

By Hajra Bilal

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