LUMS Religious Society Presents

“LoveStruck” – an exciting to

Discover the real essence of relationships and love in the light of Deen!

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Rumi’s Mathnawi

What is Rumi’s Mathnavi?
The Mathnavi is a poetic collection of rambling anecdotes and stories derived from the Quran, hadith sources, and everyday tales. Stories are told to illustrate a point and each moral is discussed in detail. It incorporates a variety of Islamic wisdom but primarily focuses on emphasizing inward personal Sufi interpretation. This work by Rumi is referred to as a “sober” Sufi text. It reasonably presents the various dimensions of Sufi spiritual life and advises disciples on their spiritual paths. “More generally, it is aimed at anyone who has time to sit down and ponder the meaning of life and existence.”
A reading with Baqar Syed from the original Persian Text!

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The Qur’an & I

Whether you are a born Muslim, a revert or a non-Muslim who has just heard about Quran from some media outlet, we all have some idea about the Quran that it is the final revelation of God sent to Muhammad PBUH, and that it is something ought to be respected and revered. Our association with the Quran is perhaps no more than it being a book of instructions and a codified law.

But is it just a book of commandments? or is it a book also containing different signs of God? Who is the addressee of the Quran; People of Arabia or is it you and me!? can it be relevant to you and me in this day and age? How so?

Lets delve deeper into the ocean of Quran and find out how can it become a personal guide to you and me; relevant to this day and age!

“Quran & I;
How to connect with the Divine Message”

Commentary of selected ayahs from Surah Nahl 16:65-69

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Is there a WAY OUT?

LRS presents
A Lecture By Shaykh Atif Ahmad
“Is there a Way Out?”
The topic would be covering the following:
– How alot of us are leading visionless lives?
– How everybody else is making our decisions for us?
– How we are so afraid to fail and that its really ohkay to fail?
– How we haven’t realised our true potential?
– And the solution to all of the above!

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Rumi’s Mathnawi: Selections on Divine Love

LUMS Religious Society Presents:

“Rumi’s Mathnawi: Selections on Divine Love”

Join us for a commentary on selected sections of Rumi’s Mathnawi with Baqar Syed

The following sections from the Mathnawi of Maulana Rumi will be covered:

1. The King and the Handmaiden
(Mathnawi Book 1: 02)

2. The World’s lovers.
(Mathnawi Book 1: 46)

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“Every Saint Has a Past
Every Sinner Has a Future”Enter the sinister world of sins and discover the causes & the effects.Why do we sin to begin with?
What if it’s too hard to stop?
What’s the worst that could happen?
And what is the cure?

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Executive Decision

Executive Decision is a lecture based on all the Resources Exhausted to take Critical Decision that has risk, benefits, growth and productivity for the Company. It will further elaborate how Spiritual Resources are Exhausted to achieve the Desired Results which are inclusive of Super Natural Help and Patterns, Testing your personal gut and Trusting Life and God in specific Scenario

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Unlike other scriptures and the popular notion about the religion where thinking and questioning is forbidden, God (Allah swt) says over and over again in the Quran:

“Why dont they reflect/think deeply (taddabbur) upon the Quran?”.
– (Surah Muhammad, ayah 24; surah al-nisaa, ayah 82, and others)

So Allah swt is constantly asking every human being (muslim or non-muslim) to Reflect/think upon the different signs (ayaat) around him/her.

But what is “tadabbur” (Reflection) ?

Could it be thinking upon the ayahs perhaps, but how long should you do it?
More importantly, how do you go upon the thinking?
Should you know how to recite well before you graduate to the reflection stage?
What about the translation? Which tafseer? What school? Which scholar??

Not to fret, for Lums Religious Society brings you,

How to Reflect upon the Divine Revelation

with Ustadh Asif Uddin

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