Ethical Training Program

LUMS Religious Society aims at not only serving LUMS community, in catering to their intellectual and spiritual needs, but also contributing to the wider community. For this purpose, LRS introduces social service program which will enable the underprivileged and needy to benefit as well.

Volunteers for the Ethical Training Program, being conducted by the LUMS Religious Society, visited the school this week. Greeted and welcomed warmly by the principal, they headed to their respective classes and introduced themselves to the kids who seemed quite enthusiastic to learn anything new and exciting that comes their way. Our volunteers started off with a general introduction, asking the kids about their hobbies, ambitions and favorite subject. Afterwards, they had an interactive discussion on ‘Environmental Conservation and Personal Hygiene’ while, of course, bringing it to the level of the kids. They engaged the kids in some class activities on these topics, followed by a short quiz to test their learning from this session. Lastly, the kids were taught a sunnah to learn and practice until their next visit. The volunteers ended the meeting hoping to revisit the kids with a lot more exuberant class activities and cheerful learning themes.

The Volunteers of Ethical Training Program of LRS paid their third visit to the school this week with an intent of teaching even more passionately. The kids also seemed more enthusiastic than before. The volunteers revisited the two previous sessions after which they went on introducing their new topic, Politeness. Introducing this term to the kids, they elaborated more on who to be polite with and how. They highly emphasized the importance of saying Salaam and smiling out of politeness while also giving examples from the life of Muhammad (PBUH) and how he(PBUH) melted people’s hearts with his politeness. Then a completely opposite behavior – anger/violence was brought up, just to draw a contrast and make things clearer as the principle of opposites suggests. Kids learnt some of the tactics which Islam teaches us for anger management. Our volunteers made them do some workouts to calm one’s mind instantly while in anger such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, stretching, meditating, visualization and toe tensing. The kids were then tested on their learning via a quick oral quiz and then they were taught the sunnah of the week towards the end of this session.

This fourth week of Ethical Training Program was even more bracing. The topic of discussion for this session was ‘Gratitude towards parents’. Making this session interactive, our volunteers asked the kids some simple questions on how they thought parents should be treated and revered. Kids gave interesting answers to it, for instance, helping parents in home chores, smiling at them, making dua for them etc. The kids were then told some stories from seerah of the prophet on how to be respectful and loving towards one’s parents. Some class activities were carried out where the kids made gratitude cards for their parents as an acknowledgment of their endeavours. They were also taught the Quranic duaa for Allah’s mercy on parents. Closing the discussion, a short quiz was conducted and one student from each team recited a Naat in the end.
So it was our fifth session of the Ethical Training Program this week. By this time, the kids have developed quite a bit of friendly bonding with our volunteers. The topic covered in this session was ‘relationship with friends and teachers’. After recapping the previous session, students were taught what qualities to look for when becoming friends with someone. They were emphasized to keep checking for these qualities in their own selves too. Some of the duties of friendship were discussed and this whole discussion was traced back to the companionship of the Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakar R.A. Following this, the relationship with teachers was briefly talked through. By the end of this session, the kids were engaged in a fun activity of celebrating ‘Thank Hug Day’ where they made thank-you cards as an acknowledgment of the services of their teachers.
The sixth session of the Ethical Training Program covered the topic of “Lessons from History”. This session was divided into two sections, based on the content that they comprised of. The first half of this session was devoted to the general discussion on what history means and why is it important to talk over it. History of Pakistan was briefly discussed while questioning some of the kids’ general knowledge on it. Shortly after familiarizing the kids with the topic, our volunteers started telling stories of some of the renowned leaders of Pakistan during the storytelling segment. Throughout this segment, kids seemed quite eager to share their knowledge of what they had already learned from Pakistan Studies. This discussion was concluded with an in-class activity on “Proud Pakistan Moment” celebration where our volunteers asked the students to come forward to sing Milli Naghmas and to take part in the flag-making competition.
The second half of this session was almost entirely along the lines of storytelling, narrating incidents from the Quran and life of the Prophet ? and extracting lessons from those. The volunteers told life stories of the five top-ranking prophets: Muhammad ?, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa and Nuh (alaiyhim us-salaam). A quick oral quiz was conducted afterward, and with this, the session was ended.
The last session for Ethical  Training  Program was held this week on the topic of Emotional Health. The kids were taught how to channel their emotions, especially love, in the right place for the right reasons. They were asked to reflect on the favours of Allah SWT and his mercy as means of bringing positivity to life. The aim was to make them feel achievers, and not losers, because a sense of achievement brings an inner fulfilment and true happiness which keeps man going. The kids were told that the peace of heart is in Allah’s remembrance so they need to develop a bonding with Him in order to be emotionally strong. Some of the ways of developing such a bonding were discussed; for example, reciting the Qur’an, keeping oneself clean inside out, doing ehsaan in every matter, being just in every aspect of life etc. This was followed by some activities like “Daily Act of Love” where the kids were asked to do one secret act of love for Allah SWT and record it daily in their diaries. They were asked to take a note of “Alhumdulillah moments”. Then they were given a home task of becoming “agents of love” i.e., to spread love among one another by being on their best conduct.
The last session of the “Ethical Training Program” was followed by a certificate distribution ceremony where the Executive Council of LUMS Religious Society was invited as a Chief guest to award performance certificates to the volunteers and the kids. A special thanks to the EC for honouring us with their kind presence. We thank the volunteers for this humble endeavour. We greatly appreciate your commitment of time and energy to this training program.
We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you again for your kind spirit, and stopping by to offer us a helping hand! We thank the school administration too for their collaboration throughout the journey. And above all, Praise be to the Almighty who made things easier for us.