It’s Never Too Late to Amend

By Muhammad Azhan 

Life is a journey through thick and thin,

Built on your deed of virtue and sin.

At every step, the path divides into two,

For you to choose the one that’s true.

Should you choose the one that’s wrong,

You have entered a path where you do not belong.

It is a path of ruse and illusions,

Of deceit, doubts, and confusions.

It seems good, for you do not see beyond the bend;

What really matters is the path’s end.

You wander this path without a clue,

But the path of morality runs beside you.

You enjoy what it has to give,

Oblivious to true happiness, you live.

You are addicted to the path and its fun,

Giving away all desires to spoil and run.

But after some time you perceive the reality,

The path of true nature and its brutality.

The truth hits you in the face,

Revealing the nature of this wretched place.

Hold on to your principles and rules,

Come back and rid yourself of fools.

You turn around to find the bend,

For redemption and to mend.

But then you come to know,

The way back is hard and slow.

A strong and cool force pulls you back

To keep you from leaving this track.

A voice pulls you back in different tones,

You feel its allure in your very bones.

On your way back, you tumble, you fall;

“Get up, brave lad, and stand tall!”

Shout out loud, “It’s never too late to amend,”

The call of heroes and the call of men.

Keep walking, keep climbing, and keep rowing,

For when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

A part of you doesn’t want to leave,

Shove it aside and continue to heave.

Do not give up hope and keep coming,

Thrust away your doubts and keep running.

Soon you come across the fork once more,

Exhausted and thirsty but wiser than before.

Now you enter the path where you belong,

The one for which you have suffered for so long.

The people here are good as they are,

But among these people, you are a star.

For you have done what none other can

Among these boys, you are a brave man

Be proud of what you have achieved,

You struggled for the sake of what you believed.

Now you live your life as you are meant to do

With a mind free of doubts and heart fair and true.

All the struggle that you did, this is what it brings,

Makes you king among men, closer to the king of kings.