Keeping Faith during Difficult Times

Has it ever been like Zambeel is showing the worst grade even after all the hard work? You work hard but others always score better than you? You have been trying and trying but you still did not get into a particular university? You keep falling and the dunya doesn’t make sense? You are tired of falling into the same sin again and again? And then you fall into despair and wonder, why me or just plain why?

Hazrat Yusuf AS has been one of the most inspirational Prophets. The lessons learnt from him, fill your heart with love and hope. The struggles that he went through and the tawakkul that he had on Allah SWT gives you the motivation to go on in your life too and not give up on hope and on Allah SWT. How can someone who loves you so much want anything bad of you? Sometimes we look at our problems and think that we are the only ones who are being tested and we complain and we forget to have husn zun (positive thinking) of the Rabb who has given us so much. At those times have faith that the Rabb of Hazrat Yusuf AS is your Rabb too and have faith that He indeed wants the best for you.

Hazrat Yusuf AS was a child when the trials in his life started. His father, Hazrat Yaqoob AS loved him so much that the brothers of Hazrat Yusuf AS became extremely jealous of him and began to hate him. They planned against their own brother to kill him. They were eleven brothers and they lied to their father that they were taking Hazrat Yusuf AS out for some leisure activity. Their father did not believe them so he told them to bring Hazrat Yusuf AS back safely. When the brothers started to depart on their journey, one of the brothers had Hazrat Yusuf AS on his shoulders but as soon as they went far from the vision of their father, they threw Hazrat Yusuf AS on the ground. Hazrat Yusuf AS would go from brother to brother begging to be picked up because he was too small to walk such a long distance, but no one would listen to him. Imagine your own family, your own siblings doing this to you. Imagine the pain of Hazrat Yusuf AS. But like us Hazrat Yusuf AS did not ask, why me?

Those eleven brothers decided not to kill Hazrat Yusuf AS but instead threw him into a well and went back and lied to their father that Hazrat Yusuf AS had been eaten by the wolves. Imagine the pain of the father who cried and cried in the grief of his son. Despite this he did not complain to his Lord because he had faith. When Hazrat Yusuf AS was alone in the darkness of that well, he did not ask why me. When he realized that there was no food around, he did not complain and worry. When he found no way out, he did not ask why. All because he had faith that the very Lord who had put him in the well will get him out too and the one responsible for his rizq will send him his rizq.

When a tribe passing by came to get water from the well, they found Hazrat Yusuf AS in it. Hazrat Yusuf AS was so beautiful that they thought to sell him and gain money from that. It so happened that Hazrat Yusuf AS ended up in the hands of the king of that time. The king took him home and told his wife that look after him; he will one day be of some benefit to us. His wife is said to have had the name of Zulaikha. When Hazrat Yusuf AS grew older and his beauty became more apparent, Zulaikha fell in love with him. In order to seduce him, she set up a plan. One day when Hazrat Yusuf AS came into the room, she locked the doors behind him and openly invited him to sin. She said that I have covered my idol and I have locked the doors, nobody is watching us and we can do whatever we want. Hazrat Yusuf AS got scared because he knew that his Rabb was watching him. He couldn’t think of any way out and he was trapped but he did not lose hope in his Rabb but he said that I fear my lord. He then ran towards the closed doors and Zulaikha ran behind him such that in trying to stop him she tore his shirt from the back. When Hazrat Yusuf AS reached the doors, they opened by the miracle of Allah and the King was standing on the other side. When the king saw the scene, he demanded an explanation. Zulaikha blamed Hazrat Yusuf AS and said that he had been inviting her towards sin. To prove the innocence of Hazrat Yusuf AS, Allah SWT made an infant speak who said that if the shirt is torn from the front then Hazrat Yusuf AS is to blame but if the shirt is torn from the back then it is Zulaikha who is to blame. The king realized that it was his wife who was at wrong.

The beauty of Hazrat Yusuf AS was such that Zulaikha did not stop at this. To prove to the women of the society that indeed the beauty of Hazrat Yusuf was to the degree that she talked of, she invited them to her house. She gave them each a knife and an apple to cut. She then invited Hazrat Yusuf AS to enter the room. When the women saw hazrat Yusuf As, they were so entranced by his beauty that they ended up cutting their hands. When the king realized that his wife and the other women were not going to leave Hazrat Yusuf AS alone, he put Hazrat Yusuf AS in the jail at a false accusation. Hazrat Yusuf AS stayed in that jail for several years at a false accusation. But he never complained like us.

In his jail time period, he met two prisoners and did an interpretation of a dream for them and they promised him that when they get out they will tell the king about him and ask for Hazrat Yusuf AS to be released. But it happened so that when the prisoners left the jail, they forgot to mention about Hazrat Yusuf AS to the king. It was after many years (some say seven and some say twelve) of Hazrat Yusuf AS being in jail that one of the prisoners remembered and told the king of that time that there is such as person in the jail who can interpret the king’s dream for him. Like this Hazrat Yusuf AS was released and not only that but all the blame on him was removed too. Later on he was even made the king of that time.

Did you ever wonder that maybe if Hazrat Yusuf AS had not been separated from his father, he would not have learnt to love Allah SWT so deeply? If he had not been put into the well, he might not have learnt to trust Allah completely. If the king had not taken him to Zulaikha’s house, Hazrat Yusuf AS would not have learnt the workings and etiquettes of a king’s house because he was to be a king one day. If he had not been put into the jail, he would not have learnt and practiced his dream interpretation and the dawah of Islam.

Did you ever wonder that if you had not gone through the trials of your own life, you might have missed on something? Maybe you did not get that course because it probably wasn’t good for. You did not get that instructor because you might not have done as well as you thought. You did not get an A+ in that course, maybe because future pursue in that course wasn’t good for you. Next time something happens, wonder that and have faith. Have faith that your Rabb and the Rabb of Hazrat Yusuf AS is same. He will open the closed doors for you too. He will take you out from the darkness of your depression or sin like He took Hazrat Yusuf AS from the darkness of the well. He will give you your grades, your university, your courses, your instructors that are the best for you like He gave Hazrat Yusuf AS his rizq even in the well. Have faith, have tawakkul that you are not alone but your Rabb is with you.

By Amber Juman

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