On the Road to Self Deception

Merging into the glitter and glamour of life has never been so easy

For man to be oblivious of his purpose has never been so easy

He yearns for wealth believing it would grant him happiness

How naïve is he to be deluded by stacks of paper?

His search for peace only begins with the paper

He searches for it in his relationships except his Creator

He projects his problems to people,

Knowing that they are mere spectators

He witnesses the departure of his loved ones

And yet could not fathom the reality of death and its nature

The world coaxes him to lie and believe in the permanence of this life

Yet nature persistently signals him to recognize the signs

The moon, the sun, the stars, the sky, the mountains

How come none of them transgress the laws of nature?

His purpose echoes in his surroundings

And yet he believes that he has won the battle being a deceiver

By Anam Mashood

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