The heart has died and the tongue has become silent.

The soul no longer screams and eyes no longer shed tears.

The more I run after the world, the more it crumbles around me.

I have come to you, Ya Allah, to find you waiting for me.

I have come with eyes filled with hope,

with hands raised to you, with words begging for mercy

and with a soul that can’t live without you.

Don’t let me go empty handed because i know not a world without you.


My life is a love story.

Of how I met you.

One day I opened my eyes to this world, lost and confused.

My heart told me that I was searching for something.

My soul cried for some feeling.

I had to fill an empty hole in me.

I looked to my parents to find an emptiness in the warmest of hugs.

I loved my friends to obsession, to find they did not care about me.

I looked to men for an attachment, to find they were too fickle.

I stumbled, I fell, I hurt myself but I did know not what that was that I searched for.

Years, months, weeks, days went by until one day some peculiar feeling rose in my heart.

I don’t know why but I fell in sujood and I felt like I had found a missing piece of me.

You made me find you when I did not even know what that was that I searched for.

I have lost you again. But this time I know what I am looking for,

so wouldn’t you let me find you?

By Amber Juman

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