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How can I increase my good deeds? Is praying five times a day enough? Is it enough if I only do what is obligatory and leave the rest? What about Sunnah acts? Wouldn’t it be difficult to take care about so many things with my busy routine at LUMS; with all the quizzes, assignments and deadlines? Have these questions ever come across your mind? Should I not tell you a secret how you can earn reward on small deeds you do every day? Yes, you got it right, you can earn reward on something as small and ordinary as your routine work. But the question arises “how?” Should I reveal the secret to you? Indeed, as saying good words is also a charity.

How is that you can transform your daily routine activities into good deeds? It is through the “niyyah” or intention that this can be achieved. All you have to do is to make niyyah that you are doing this because Prophet (S.A.W) used to do this and you are doing a particular act in a certain way because He (S.A.W) used to do it this way.

Now you may wonder how one can make niyyah on acts like brushing your teeth because back then there were no toothbrushes. Will you get reward only if you clean your teeth with Siwak (Miswak)? Well, Miswak is a very beautiful Sunnah which has many spiritual and physical benefits but you can also earn reward while using toothbrush. So the question is what niyyah should you make while brushing your teeth? You can make a niyyah of ‘cleaning your teeth’ as a narration of ‘Aishah R.A says: “The Prophet of ALLAH (SAW) would clean his teeth with the Siwak.” So, you can get the same reward while brushing your teeth if you make a niyyah of following the Sunnah of cleaning your teeth whereas it is a blessing upon blessing if you use Siwak.

One may ask how can I get reward on mundane acts such as eating food. You can make a niyyah that you are eating food to gain energy which you will spend in the obedience of Allah SWT, for example offering your prayers more efficiently. You can also make a niyyah that you are eating it because Allah SWT has given you your body as a trust, and you must do everything to take proper care of yourself. You could make a niyyah that after eating food you will get pleasure and comfort and then you will be able to thank your lord wholeheartedly. You can add all of these niyyah to get reward. Likewise, you can get reward on any of your routine work by making such niyyah.

Here’s a list of a few things you can do by making a niyyah of following the Sunnah:

  1. Not keeping hatred or ill-will in your heart for anything.

  2. Performing ghusl and trimming the nails on Friday.

  3. Wearing the right shoe first and taking off the left one first.

  4. To walk to ‘Eid prayers and to eat something before leaving for ‘Eid-ul-Fitr prayer whereas not eating something before ‘Eid-ul-Azha prayer.

  5. Recite “Allah-u-Akbar” while going up the stairs and “SubhanAllah” while going down.

  6. Entering your house and the mosque with the right foot first and leaving with the left one first.

  7. Saying Salaam when you enter home.

  8. Entering the toilet with the left foot first and leaving with right foot first.

  9. Washing your hands before eating food.

  10. Saying Bismillah before eating food.

  11. Eating and drinking with your right hand.

  12. Eating and drinking while sitting.

  13. Drinking water in three breaths

  14. Eating dates, honey, olives, barley, figs, grapes, melon, milk, mushroom, pomegranate, vinegar, water

  15. Using three fingers while eating: thumb, index finger and middle finger and using 4th ring finger if needed.

  16. Licking your fingers thrice after eating

  17. Eating sehri in Ramadan.

  18. Accepting the invitation if someone invites you for lunch or dinner

  19. Letting the rain fall on a part of your body.

  20. Dusting off your bed before sleeping.

  21. Sleeping on your right side.

Charity, is indeed, also a great act. Donating 5 Rs. at PDC counter, putting some money in the Shaukat Khanum box, giving away money to the janitors, donating your stuff or blood. But do you always need to have money to do charity? Let me tell you another secret, in Islam charity is not limited to helping someone monetarily or donating stuff. There are a lot other ways to do charity. The Prophet SAW said:

Let one of you not consider any good to be insignificant. If he has nothing, then let him meet his brother with a smiling face. If you buy some meat or cook something in a pot, then increase its broth, and serve some of it to your neighbor.” (Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

Let’s see what other ways are there to do charity according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW:

  1. Establishing justice between two men is charity.

  2. Assisting a man to ride an animal or to load his luggage on it is charity.

  3. Uttering a good word is charity.

  4. Every step which one takes towards (the mosque for) Salat is charity.

  5. To meet your brother with a smiling face is charity.

  6. Commanding good and forbidding evil is charity.

  7. Giving directions to a man lost in the land is charity.

  8. Seeing for a man with bad sight is a charity.

  9. Removal of a rock, a thorn or a bone or harmful things from the road/way is charity for you.

  10. Every utterance of Allah’s glorification and His praise, every utterance of profession of His Oneness and His Greatness is an act of charity.

  11. To pour what is left in your bucket into the vessel of your brother is charity for you.

  12. Planting a tree is a charity.

  13. Spending on your family is a deed of charity.

  14. Refraining from doing evil is an act of charity.

  15. Giving respite to one in difficulty.

  16. Providing drinking water is charity.

  17. Reciting the Noble Qura’n aloud and quietly is like giving charity publicly and secretly respectively.

The above mentioned Sunnah acts and acts of charity are just a few. The life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW is full of these. If you want to know more start reading the books on Seerah (the life of Prophet Muhammad SAWW) and Hadith of Muhammad SAW. There are many other virtues of charity as mentioned in Hadith:

“Indeed charity extinguishes the Lord’s anger and it protects against the evil death.”

“Save yourself from Hell-fire even by giving half a date-fruit in charity.” “Charity does not diminish wealth.”

“The best of charity is that which is given when you are self-sufficient, and the upper hand is better than the lower hand, and start with those for whom you are responsible.”

“Do not take back what you have given in charity.”

“A Dirham surpassed a hundred thousand Dirhams.” They said: “How?” He said: “A man had two Dirhams and gave one in charity, and another man went part of his wealth and took out a hundred thousand Dirhams and gave them in charity.

By Fizza Arif

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