Seerah of the Prophets Crossword

How well do you know the stories of the Prophets? Answer the questions to find the names of 15 Prophets in Islam and then place them in the crossword grid.


2. When he was a baby he was found on the river by the queen of Egypt.

5. He was the cousin of Miriam.

7. He was given a holy book called the Zabur.

8. The Prophet who built the Ka’ba with his son.

9. His people asked for a camel as a sign.

10. He was the nephew of the Prophet Ibrahim.

11. This Prophet will return and kill the Dajjaal.

12. He was the younger brother of the Prophet Isma’il.


1. He was thrown down a well and became a prince.

2. The last of all the Prophets.

3. He was told to build a huge ship to survive the flood.

4. The father of the Prophet Yusuf.

5. He was swallowed by a whale.

6. His father was told to kill him on Mount Arafat.

9. The son of a king who could control the winds.

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