Unlike other scriptures and the popular notion about the religion where thinking and questioning is forbidden, God (Allah swt) says over and over again in the Quran:

“Why dont they reflect/think deeply (taddabbur) upon the Quran?”.
– (Surah Muhammad, ayah 24; surah al-nisaa, ayah 82, and others)

So Allah swt is constantly asking every human being (muslim or non-muslim) to Reflect/think upon the different signs (ayaat) around him/her.

But what is “tadabbur” (Reflection) ?

Could it be thinking upon the ayahs perhaps, but how long should you do it?
More importantly, how do you go upon the thinking?
Should you know how to recite well before you graduate to the reflection stage?
What about the translation? Which tafseer? What school? Which scholar??

Not to fret, for Lums Religious Society brings you,

How to Reflect upon the Divine Revelation

with Ustadh Asif Uddin

For more details visit the event page at :


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