Out of the ninety-nine magnificent names of Allah The Almighty, one is Al Baseer (The All-Seeing). Almost every Muslim has heard this name, but have we ever thought how powerful it is? Have we ever thought of the most powerful entity watching us all the time? Unfortunately not. The part ‘Al’ in the name specifies a proper noun in the Arabic language, which refers to someone who possesses some specialty in a particular character. In this case, Al-Baseer refers to Allah, who possesses this unprecedented attribute of being watchful. He has the ultimate and unmatched strength of vision. His power of seeing is neither bound to His attention, nor to His presence.

No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision. And He is the Subtle, the Aware.

[Al-An’am: 103]

           He is watchful of everything and everyone, within or beyond human reach. It’s interesting how this single name has such a hidden treasure of meanings. The vision of Allah Almighty is not to be confused or confined to the standards of human eyesight and its limitations. It cannot be compared with the most advanced technological tools used for vision either. His vision is beyond limits, unique and independent of light or dark, omnipotent and omnipresent. His wisdom and his vision have a synergistic effect which results in something we call “Divine”. In fact, all His characteristics and names combine and assist one another in the most phenomenal of the ways and result in something which makes Him the most powerful entity. Even though every Muslim believes in the reality of this name, yet he forgets while indulging himself in sins that he is being continuously examined by a keen observer and is never alone, not even in the darkest of nights, or loneliest of places. The Qur’an mentions the omnipresence of Allah in the following way: “And He is with you wherever you are, and Allah, of what you do, is Seeing.” The deeper the belief in these divine words, the cautious one would be in his/her actions. So the true remembrance and realization of this character can help us become conscious of our dealings and actions, thus leading us to the ultimate success both in this life, and the life hereafter.

By Muhammad Aafaq Lone

5 thoughts on “THE ALL-SEEING

  1. Fiza Zahid says:

    Wow such a nice article……
    After reading it. i might say Allah is kind to us and watching us….may Allah forget our sins in sha Allah

  2. Atif Rasheed Malik says:

    Mashallah. Very well written article. The Baseerat of Allah almighty is beautifully explained and distinguished from the limited eyesight and wisdom of human beings. Keep it up Aafaq.

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