The Qur’an & I

Whether you are a born Muslim, a revert or a non-Muslim who has just heard about Quran from some media outlet, we all have some idea about the Quran that it is the final revelation of God sent to Muhammad PBUH, and that it is something ought to be respected and revered. Our association with the Quran is perhaps no more than it being a book of instructions and a codified law.

But is it just a book of commandments? or is it a book also containing different signs of God? Who is the addressee of the Quran; People of Arabia or is it you and me!? can it be relevant to you and me in this day and age? How so?

Lets delve deeper into the ocean of Quran and find out how can it become a personal guide to you and me; relevant to this day and age!

“Quran & I;
How to connect with the Divine Message”

Commentary of selected ayahs from Surah Nahl 16:65-69

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